Bank credit scoring: automatic model generation and selection, Seminar on Data Analysis in Business Application at the Moscow State University: Sept 2010 (Rus) [strijov10scoring_slides_ru.pdf, Ru]

How to make Integral Indicators using Data and Expert Estimations, Conference on Operational Research 2010 Munich [strijov10OR_talk1_indicators.pdf, En]

Model generation and model selection in credit scoring, EURO 2010 Lisbon [strijov10Euro-slides.pdf, En]

Feature selection and volatility modeling of European options, EURO 2010 Lisbon [krymova10euro_slides.pdf, En]

Model generation and multimodel selection, lectures at METU

Integral Indicator of Ecological Footprint for Croatian Power Plants, 2009, [Strijov09HED_EIHP_final_slides.pdf, En]

Specification of linear and rank-scaled expert estimations using measured data, 2009, [strijov09mmro.pdf, En]

Software for the regression models generation. 2008. [strijov08ioi_talk.pdf, 1.18 MB Ru]

Inductive generation for the volatility regression models construction (an investigation into the Daglish-Hall-Suo hypothesis). Co-author R. Sologub. 2008. [sologub08ioi_talk.pdf, 440 KB Ru]

Inductive Model Generation and Multimodel Selection. 2008. [strijov08cnrs.pdf, 1.71 MB En]

Mathematical modelling in biology. 2007. [strijov07mathmodelling.pdf, 5500 KB En]

The hypothesis on data generation in regression analysis. 2007. [strijov07mmro.pdf, 1300 KB Ru]

Index construction using expert estimations. 2007. [strijov06sigsud.pdf, 300 KB En]

Optimal regression models construction, notes. 2007. [strijov07findmodel.pdf, 490 KB, Ru]

Authomatic regression model generator, block scheme. 2007. [model_gen_block_scheme.pdf, 120 KB, Ru]

TV ratings forecast, a problem statement, notes. 2007. [tv_ratings.pdf, 110 KB, Ru]

Modelling of control systems and expert estimations: examples, 2006, [strijov06mmco.pdf, Ru] (Моделирование систем управления и экспертные оценки: примеры, 2006, [strijov06mmco.pdf, Ru])

Dynamic time warping and regression analysis for time series, 2006, [ioi6lides.pdf, Ru] (Выравнивание и регрессионный анализ временных рядов, 2006, [ioi6lides.pdf, Ru])

Integral indicators: expert-statistical method, site snapshots. 2006. [mecindex_snapshot.pdf, 80 KB, En]

The searching of the optimal non-linear regression model. 2005. [mmro05slides.pdf, 90 KB, Ru]

Feedback model of the lambda (oxygen) detector of a diesel engine. 2004. [lamfeedback.pdf, 90 KB, Ru]

The biodiversity and the species state monitoring (integral indicators and forecast). 2003. [strijov7slides_en, 120 KB, En] and full report [strijov7slides_rep, 211 KB, Ru]

On a macroeconomics management problem. 2003.[eq160403.pdf, 515 KB, Ru]

Index construction: the expert-statistical method. 2003.[siid-slides.pdf, 121 KB, En]

Expert estimations concordance for integral indicators construction. 2001. [conc1sl.pdf, 239 KB, Ru]

Expert grade estimations concordance. 2002. [conc2sl.pdf, 109 KB, Ru]

The movie to the expert estimations concordance procedure. 2002.[triangle2d.avi, 9.7 MB, Ru]

Efficiency assessment for PA’s performance. 2001.[es4iucn.pdf, 91 KB, En]

Integral indicators application: expert statistical method. 2001. For protected areas: [iiespa.pdf, 114 KB, Ru], For power plants: [iieski.pdf, 150 KB, Ru]

Phase trajectories analysis software. 2000.[lorenz00.pdf, 165 KB, Ru]

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