Mathematical Modelling and Data Analysis


obtained Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics from the Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2002 with a thesis on Mathematical Modelling and Data Analysis and M.S. in System Analysis and Computer-Aided Design from Ufa Aircraft Institute in 1992. He is the author of the Expert Estimations Concordance Theory.

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Address: Vavilov st. 40, 119333 Moscow, Russia

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Business or scientific research, take part in a research group or lead it, publish papers with new results in the field.

Research interests
Regression and classifcation, mathematical modelling, machine learning, algebra and category theory.


Research Fellow at the Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences
since 2000

—holds basic and applied research in the field of data analysis and machine learning, supervises grants

  • a system for inductive mathematical and regression model synthesis was developed,
  • expert estimations concordance theory and indicator construction techniques were created,
  • eight indicators for different projects based on this technique were constructed,
  • dynamic system phase trajectory analysis software was developed.
Associate Professor at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
since 2006

—delivers lectures, supervises master and PhD students, his courses:

  • Applied regression analysis and mathematical modelling,
  • Integral indicators construction: expert-statistical methods.
Consultant at Immunoclin Ltd., Paris, London
since 2006

—creates mathematical models based on the biomarkers of patients with cardio-vascular disease

  • series of classification algorithms, which successfully classifies A1 vs. A3 patients, developed.
Project Leader and Chief Researcher at Forecsys Ltd., Moscow
since 2004

—leads research groups, participates in commercial projects on business data analysis, holds brain storms

  • the behavior patterns of the institutional holdings at the world-wide market were revealed,
  • the system for investment attraction estimation in the electricity generation industry was made,
  • the Black-Scholes option pricing model versus Mordecki pricing model was investigated.
Complex System Analyst at STMicroelectronics SA, Corporate R&D, Moscow

—created modelling and optimization algorithms for automotive and post-silicon, made series of numerical experiments

  • optimal regression model composer developed for modelling diesel engine parameters,
  • multi-objective problem optimization toolbox and algorithms were created.
Head of the Electronics R&D department at the Tradition Ltd., Moscow

—managed complex development of electronics devices: made ideas, created prototypes of devices, adopted them

  • over 20 projects were done in the field of the video processing: Telecast Design System, PCI bus video grabber board, C-CUBE JPEG processor board, Brooktree video codec, title maker, video to SCSI controller, etc.


Author of 3 monographs, 11 peer-reviewed papers and 20 peer-reviewed proceedings, see


2007-2009—Development of the theory on regression models discovering in an indirect-given set, Russian Foundationfor Basic Research — head, participant of 2 grants;

2004-2006—Extreme cases in a complex systems recognition and forecasting with multivariable time series, RFBR — head, participant of 4 grants.

Languages — English — good, French — basic, Russian — native

Membership — American Mathematical Society

Personal 19 November 1967.

18 January 2008

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